Monday Kindness Award - Tara Drake

One of my favorite things to do is celebrate people who are kind. On Monday, I give out my Kindness Award. This week I celebrated Tara Drake for living out kindness. Below you will see that others think she is a rock star too.

Kaitlyn said - I love that Tara Drake is such a good friend! She’s always up for a laugh or willing to listen to a rant. She’s a great listener and always has wise advice to offer. She’s an incredible mom to her sweet kiddos & she does a mean Beyoncé impersonation!

Vicki said - I love Tara Drake for her heart! She always sees the good in people. I love her for her sense of humor & how she can makes us look at life from a lighter perspective. I love Tara for how she loves our son & how involved she is as a mom to our grandkids. But the #1 reason I love her is because she shines for Jesus. She loves Him. She is not only teaching our grandkids to love Him but she is also showing them what having a heart for Jesus looks like by how to treat others as Jesus would want them to treat others. We could not have hand picked a better wife for our son if we would have had to choose him a wife! We are blessed to call her our daughter.

Casey said - I love Tara’s heart for people, she’s a great listener and a hard worker. Her smile lights up any room she enters. She’s a dear sweet friend.

Bernadette said - I love Tara because she is so easy to talk to. I can come to here with anything good or bad and always leave feeling understood and loved.

Jeff said - Tara is a go getter. She puts others ahead of herself and will give you her last bite of cake if you were in need. She loves all people and shows the love of Christ in all she does.

Lt. Lewellyn School Resource officer said - I really enjoy working with Tara. She is always in a good mood and willing to help others when needed. Although I have not known Tara long, she has a good heart and loves working with kids. Tara also “Got Jokes”, which makes it a fun place to work. Tara placed a toy owl that had a sensor on it in my office. Every time I entered my office it went off. I did find it a short time later and gave it back to her. 😂

Laura - Tara deserves the kindness award because she is always doing things behind the scene to help people. She never asks for anything in return, and doesn’t want recognition for her deeds. One time I had a student whose family had moved here from Boston. They had no family here and during an ice storm, Tara ordered pizza and had it delivered to their house because the family had no electricity. Tara refused to take any money for it and said it made her happy to give to others. Tara always has a smile to offer and a way of making your day better whenever you see her!

Her husband said - She is amazing. She always puts others above herself. She is kind, loving and motivated to help anyone. She is hard working and has no quit.

Who can you celebrate today for being awesome in your community?

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