45 things for my 45th year of life

I turned 45 on June 1st. Wow.

Not wow like I’m getting old, but wow that I’m 45.

My mom now has a 45 year old son.

My wife is now married to a 45 year old man.

Wow. I’m 45.

Over the next 12 months, here are some things I want to be pursuing and accomplishing. These are not really in order of importance.

  1. I want to be the best husband possible. This means a bunch of date nights and a few get aways.

  2. I want to be the best father to my children possible. This means a bunch of one-on-ones and not working after 5. Well, 6.

  3. Spend time with 3 to 4 great books that will help me help communities win.

  4. Keep my garage clean.

  5. Keep my back yard clean.

  6. Help my children develop a routine. This would be for the morning and evening.

  7. Encourage my daughter to draw more.

  8. Take two family vacations.

  9. Have weekly huddles with my family.

  10. Keep writing handwritten notes.

  11. Cut sugar out of my diet.

  12. Get my weight down to 200.

  13. Host circles. Circles are roundtables that cover topics. Also used for networking. Also, for helping other go further better in their story.

  14. Stop drinking diet soda.

  15. Shave my head and face every 3 days.

  16. Wear red socks as many days as I can.

  17. Call my dad and step mom weekly.

  18. Find 5 young men to invest in every month.

  19. I want to write 4 blog post a month.

  20. Have 500 customers on MadePossibleBy.Us

  21. I want to do 2 to 3 speaking engagements a month on the topic of community.

  22. I want to post a video twice a month on my youtube channel on the topic of community.

  23. I want to between 30 to 40 podcast episodes. You can subscribe on your favorite podcast app at the Heady Coleman Show.

  24. I want to share a verse everyday on personal Facebook page everyday. Facebook.Com/GoWInHeady

  25. Drink coffee on Saturday mornings with my wifey.

  26. I want to play a bunch of tennis, mainly in the summer.

  27. I want to go out to eat once a month with my mom.

  28. I want to see 10 groups a month meeting for our small groups. NORTH.CHURCH

  29. Recruit 10 men to consistently show up once a month for We Shake Hands. WeShakeHands.Org

  30. Recruit 10 women to consistently show up for a new girls mentorship program.

  31. Say no to self and others more.

  32. 30 minutes of cardio everyday.

  33. Stick to my morning routine: quiet time with God, read bible, look at calendar, look at basecamp, share a verse and spend time with family while getting ready for school and work.

  34. Cook more.

  35. Run in 5 to 8 5K runs.

  36. Spend less time on my cellphone.

  37. Keep working towards having less in order to live more.

  38. Share as many GuthrieAmerica stories as possible.

  39. Start other GuthrieAmerica like brands for other communities.

  40. Start doing Yoga.

  41. Be a greeter at at least 10 events.

  42. Give out more kindness awards. https://youtu.be/0bgbbBYVN18

  43. Fast more. ZeroFasting.Com

  44. More dinners with family and friends at my house. Party over here.

  45. A short road trip once a month with family.

Here is to turning 45. The next 12 months are going to be awesome.