3 ways to discover YOUR “right thing”


You have heard me say this already.

Maybe. Maybe not.

This may be your first time on my blog. And, that’s okay. I like to repeat myself anyway.

I think there is real power in repeating yourself.

So, Go Win is about discovering those “right things” you need to start being consistent in that allow for you to achieve the win or wins you want for your life which allows for you to live out your greatest story.

Now you see.

You see what I mean by “right things.”

Well, I want to share with you 3 ways to discover YOUR “right thing” or things.

  1. Talk to people. That’s right jump in the conversation. You will be amazed how much you will discover by getting in the conversation. From here, you will find that you will start discovering some of those right things you need to be consistent to achieve that goal you want to hit. Weight loss. Run a marathon. Own a business. Etc.

  2. Read a book. Do I need to say more? My goal is to always spend time reading slowly 3 to 5 books a year. Right now I’m reading Get Together. It’s about building community.

  3. Listen to podcast. You can discover so much listening in on podcast. Also, after listening, jump on twitter and tweet questions or chime in on the person or persons podcast you discovered right things from while listening.

There you go. 3 simple things to start discovering “right things” to be consistent in to achieve the win or wins you want for your life which will lead to YOU living out your GREATEST STORY.

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