Go Win is defined as continuing or starting those things that make you successful spiritually and personally. What are those #RightThings you need to be consistent in to achieve the success you want in life? When I use the #GoWin at the end of every text message, email, social media post, etc I'm encouraging people to be "consistent" in the right things that produce success spiritually and personally. 

Will you help me encourage teachers to #GoWin and CONTINUE to motivate them to do the work they LOVE and the world needs by purchasing a Go Win tees? 

In 2017/2018, I want to 3 things:

  1. Highlight 50 teachers by sharing their story here on HelloHeady.Com. 
  2. Give them a $25 gift card. 
  3. Host two #TeachersOnly events.

Here is a list of my teacher stories and photos of my #TeachersOnly event from 2016: http://helloheady.com/teachers-stories

I will also be sharing the stories of people who purchase Go Win tees, in the same way I have done, and will continue to, the GuthrieAmerica stories. By the way, purchase your GuthrieAmerica tee HERE or go to Boutique 206 (Address: 206 E. Oklahoma Ave Guthrie, Ok 73044)


Just want to be a friend and support the mission. You can make a fun donation.