GuthrieAmerica Story: Jordan Hodge


My name is Jordan Hodge.

My favorite memory is getting married to my high school sweetheart in Guthrie at my grandparent’s property that holds so many special memories for me.

I was born right here in Guthrie at the Logan County Hospital on Dec. 14, 1987, one of the very last babies born in Guthrie. My parents like to tease me and call me the discount baby because the hospital was doing a closing, end-of-year special.

I love that I graduated high school from Guthrie in 2006. Matter of fact, I loved it so much that I came back to teach. I’m currently the physical education teacher at the high school. I’m also the Student Council sponsor and Fellowship of Christian Athletes advisor. Plus, I help with the tennis teams. I’m going on six years working for Guthrie Public Schools.

When I was in high school, I was really active. I played basketball, tennis and danced at Dance with Me Studio. I medaled at the state tennis tournament two years. I was involved in many organizations. My favorites were Student Council and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I was also honored to be crowned Homecoming Queen and then won All-State Queen.

The only time I have ever left my awesome town was for college. I went to Oklahoma State University. I loved my time in Stillwater but nothing is better than Guthrie.

There are so many great things about living in Guthrie. I love the small town where everyone knows everyone. And people genuinely care about each other.

Other towns don’t have the rich history that Guthrie has. Guthrie has so many unique events that make it so special. I love the Victorian Walk, 89ers, Red Brick Nights, Art Festival & Homecomings in Guthrie.

My first job besides babysitting was being the physical education teacher at Cotteral. It was a great first job. The Guthrie kids are the cutest ever.

Another memory I have is of my grandmother saying and she still does say how blessed she is to have her family all in one town. I now say it is a huge blessing that I have my family totally surrounding me. Both sides of my family live here.

When I was younger my favorite things to do in Guthrie was to go to the Guthrie Golf & Country Club and lake and the drive-in. Now being married with a small child we love to go on walks around the neighborhoods to the parks, stores and downtown restaurants. We also enjoy all the events hosted in downtown Guthrie. Besides Friday nights at the Rock and any other Guthrie sporting events those downtown events are what Guthrie is all about.

The GuthrieAmerica brand I learned about via social media. I saw the shirts and knew I had to have one (or two or three) of them. I even got one for my son so we can match.

I love the GA brand. It shows that Guthrie is all about: community love.

I wear my GA tee to show my hometown pride. I wear them all of the time, to school, vacation (I was spotted at the San Francisco airport by another Guthrie person because of my GA shirt) and everywhere in between.

I want to give a huge shout out to all of the Guthrie teachers/staff/admin on loving our kiddos each and every day. Thank You! Let’s have a great year, Bluejays!

Lastly, I can’t wait to get my hands on another itty bitty GA shirt for our new little bundle of joy coming in February!

Remember, Be Kind. Pray Hard & Go Bluejays!