Heady Coleman
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My name is Heady. I'm a big fan of sharing stories and growing community. 

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My "why" for public speaking is to help people live out their greatest story. 

The story is already in most people. I just like to help them pull it out.

My talk titles;

  • GO WIN

My Go Win talk is about defining your win and discovering your go for your life, for your work, in your marriage or just for your everyday living. 

My ENGAGED talk is designed to talk about the 7 "right things" to be consistent to live an ENGAGED life. 

My Community Leadership talk is me sharing my personal story as a leader in my community and how I became the Citizen of the Year.

What they're saying!

Heady really lined out the importance of thinking about my goals, writing them down and keeping them in front of my face. Otherwise, I’m not sure I would have taken the time to actually do it.
— Derrick Sier, OMOS Teambuilding Founder
Heady was dynamic, engaging, and real! I heard others say they wish they heard Heady speak on a Monday because they were ready to take on the world.
— Justin Minges, President and CEO, Stillwater Chamber of Commerce
The Go Win Approach is a practical application of skills and techniques that will help you achieve your dreams and goals. Heady worked with us one-on-one.
— Ryan Eller, Paradigm Shift Founder
It was great to hear other people’s stories about their journey as “Coach Heady” provided us the plays to “Go Win”. I highly recommend Heady to anyone that needs a push and that’s tired of losing.
— PJ, So Focus Photos Owner
The experience sticks and the take away is huge!
— Regina Banks, Arjaybis Owner/CEO

I'm a big fan of sharing the stories of others so that YOU can learn from them, be inspired by them and hopefully connect with people. People are your greatest resource. 




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