Why They Love Bernadette Coleman

The goal is to weekly share why people love some of my favorite people in the world. What I'm learning is that when people share why they love someone you learn some of their story. You begin to see things that you didn't notice about that first until someone pointed it out. 

For the record, these responses aren't edited. Maybe a little but a very little. And, people are only suppose to give one but you always have people who want to break the rules. Lol... 

This week I'm sharing why people love my wife. Her name is Bernadette. I agree with all of these things. 

I love her because she is so easy to love. 

Love Berny.jpeg

23 Plus Reasons Why They Love Bernadette!

  1. How about her smile, it’s contagious. You can’t help but smile with her.
  2. I love her because she’s the sister that i never had

  3. Bernadette is a kind, gracious embodiment of God the Father’s penchant for BEAUTY!

  4. The beauty of Bernadette is not just on the outside but inside as well! There’s others but showing love and kindness is two strengths I will mention that is a GOWIN!! And so much fun to hangout with!

  5. Her caring spirit, that was present even in her school years.

  6. I love Bernadette because you can see the Jesus in her.

  7. I love Bernadette because I’ve never seen her in a bad mood honestly, that alone says about how awesome of a person she is!

  8. I love her because she’s a great person with a open heart who loves to listen as a great friend

  9. I love her because she is a great wife and mother to my son and grandchildren.

  10. She is FUN!

  11. Our friendship hasn’t changed since the day we met on Fogarty’s playground!

  12. JUST one? Yeah, that’s hard!!! Actually, no isn’t. I love Bernie because she’s BERNIE. Genuine. Authentic. Because of who she is, I know I can be myself around her - I can be corny, ridiculous, serious, or flawed, and I don’t have to be a morning person (shout out to the North Church Guthrie setup crew). In a relatively short time of growing our relationship, we can already exchange a ‘look’ and a ‘girrrrl’ and it be a full conversation. She is refreshing!

  13. I love Bernadette Coleman because she has a warm and embracing spirit for all!

  14. I love Bernadette Coleman because of the way she makes every single person she comes in contact with feel at home. She’s also one of my wife's and my favorite people! (Literally, we’ve had this convo before!)

  15. I love Bernie for her overall presence. Even when things are challenging and stressful, she keeps a cool head and remains positive, smiling the whole way through, which helps me stay collected.

  16. I love her sense of humor.

  17. I love Bernie because of her love for people. When I see her I get to be with someone that genuinely cares. You’re in or your’e out, and I’m thankful to be in

  18. I love her hugs!!

  19. That she always has a servants heart and puts others before self!

  20. I love Ms Bernadette Coleman for so many reasons. She's so humble, real, and so easy going   - she's such a lover of God.

  21. I love Bernadette because she deeply cares for the people in her life. What a friend.

  22. Her laugh is authentic and it makes me happy to hear it. She is thoughtful and brings donuts to the office. She is the best thing that's happened to my brother. She brings joy to him which brings him joy. 

  23. I love her hospitable nature. No matter where we are or what we’re doing, she makes sure that everyone is taken care of.