Do they have to be my stories?

I guess not. But I think that it would be cool if they were. 

Oh, by the way, I'm talking about if I wrote a book do the stories have to be mine that I share to help capture the point I want to bring home to my readers. And, I'm only thinking about this whole book writing thing because of my friend Derrick. He says I have several books in me. Lol...

And maybe I do have a book in me. But here is what I do know, I have to have stories. And if the stories aren't all mine I think I could pull it off but if I have to come up with the stories from my own personal experience there will probably be no book. 


I have plenty of stories here on my site to pull from and I think that has been one of the goals for me when doing these interviews. I want to hear from others and how they live out life. And from there, I can lay out content around the idea of Go Win.  

It could be Go Win Leadership. Or family. Or entrepreneurship. Or teacher. There are a bunch of opportunities here to base the book around. It will definitely be Go Win something. 

The question is - my stories or others? I think probably both.