Imperfections keep me from being the husband I want to be! Now what?

This thought, see the extremely long title, just came to me after seeing a picture my wife posted of the two of us. As soon as I saw the photo, I thought to myself - "wow I want to be an awesome husband to this woman."  

Then for some reason, I begin to run a list in my head of why I'm not an awesome husband. 


From there, I had the thought of "well what do you do about this list?"

Here were my immediate thoughts on what I should do: 

  1. keep staying consistent in God's Word.
  2. pray. 
  3. put men around me that will encourage to keep working at getting better.
  4. say "no" more to myself and others that keep me from being an awesome husband.
  5. keep asking her what can I be doing differently. 
  6. go to workshops and seminars and such together to grow our marriage together as a team. 
  7. work at being a rock star at speaking her love language

This was my first thoughts on dealing with "imperfections" regarding being the husband I want to be for my wife. 

There could be more added here but I'm about to jump on the highway. 

I wrote this while sitting in my van, after having this thought on being an awesome husband after seeing the photo my wife posted while I was getting coffee, on my IPhone 7 Plus via the Squarespace Blog app. Photo taken with the same device by my wife a few months ago while in Austin Texas.