GuthrieAmerica Story: Tyren D. Veasley

Hello. My name is Tyren D. Veasley. I was born in Oklahoma City at the University Hospital. But the really cool thing is I grew up in Guthrie my whole life. Lucky me.

My thoughts about how I ended up in Guthrie are my grandparents brought the family here to keep us close and safe. This is common for people moving to smaller towns.

With that being said, I can remember one of my favorite moments in this cool town. It was in 2013, it was the last football game of the season. We needed the win. I was on the sidelines cheering and my brother Zonte made an interception. This was a tough game. We needed this interception and the touchdown he got after the interception. I cried at that moment because I was so proud of my brother.

Guthrie is one of those towns where everyone is very supportive and loving. You really see this in our community at our block parties hosted downtown. These are the best block parties.

My friends and I come over to these block parties on the weekend from Langston. I have been going to Langston University since I graduated from Guthrie High School.

When in high school, I not only cheered, but played tennis my freshman and sophomore year.

Thinking back, my first job in Guthrie was at Avalanche. It’s a small snow cone stand over on Harrison Street, just off of Second Street. I currently work at the very hip and cool Boutique 206.

At Boutique 206 is where I first learned about the GuthrieAmerica brand. One day my boss Laura told me we were going to start selling the GA tees. I had no idea what they were until Heady, the founder of GuthrieAmerica, came and delivered them to the boutique. At first, I thought Laura was playing a trick on me because I didn’t think Heady was a real person. Until I met him and realized why he’s called Heady.

I love the GuthrieAmerica brand.

I wear the GA tee so I can never forget where I came from, but to also know that I’m not stuck here and that no matter where I go I’ll have a little piece of home with me.

You know, when I left for college, it was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. However, I know I’m not too far away and if I need any help with anything I know I can call just about anyone. I love my town.

I want to give a shout out to Boutique 206 located at 206 E. Oklahoma in Historic Downtown Guthrie. Laura is the absolute best at what she does and she's an amazing boss as well with her sidekick James. They both do a great job of managing the store. The 206 girls are very well taken care of. I couldn't imagine working anywhere else or for anyone else.