Best Gift of 2018


So far, this has been the best gift given to me in 2018. And the person who gave them to me is super duper awesome. I think when the person that gives you something is awesome it makes it that much better. 

What makes a great gift is when it’s a gift that makes the person receiving the gift know you were truly thinking of them. It’s also a great gift when you give it to the person and it makes them smile. 

This gift definitely said to me that this person was thinking of me. I try to write 3 handwritten notes a day so this is a perfect gift for me. 

It also made me smile when the person gave the gift to me. I was truly shocked. Shocked in the best way you can imagine.   

So, the next time you go to buy a gift think about these 2 things: 

  1. Is the gift going to let the person know you were truly thinking about them? 
  2. Will it make them smile.  

Go have fun buy gifts for awesome people in 2018. Kindness rocks!