Why They Love Jason Reece

I’m a big fan of seeing people smile. And laugh. I really wish I could watch Jason read this. I definitely think it will make him smile. Even cry.  

Enjoy reading why people love Jason!  



Reasons they love him: 

  • Jason is always ready to make me smile and give a compliment or two. So caring, giving with his time and such a good guy! 
  • I love Jason Reece because he's always  there for me and believes in  me . He just called me 5 minutes ago  to encourage me to keep  working hard on my det. I love how he loves Christ,  walks with  Christ, and shows it in his everyday life
  • Jason is an amazing story of redemption.  He freely shares with others how his walk with Jesus Christ lead to a better life.  When he shares his story, it is genuine and truly from the heart. 
  • 1st of all Jason is an all in or an all out kinda guy.  He will either give u 100%  or nothing at all. His passion for Christ and his faith is an all in 100%! It's inspirational and truly admirable. I love his heart more than anything, he loves with all he has and I'm so lucky to be a part of that.  He truly walks daily with our Savior and I'm truly humbled and inspired by him. He talks to you as though you have been a friend for life. He makes time to make everyone a friend. And the thing I can say most is he puts 100% effort in improving himself daily.   How inspiring!   He is so positive and uplifting.  I sure am lucky he's mine 😊! The world needs more Jason Reece's. I can give u way more than that if u need more!
  • I love Jason Reece because he loves people.  He helps others in need. Jason loves the Lord and shares his love with others in order to give others hope and motivation.  He’s such a positive guy and you can’t help but smile and laugh when you’re in his presence.  Jason loves God, he loves people and he follows Jesus, which I’ve learned by going to North Church that if you do those things you will be blessed and Jason thanks God publicly for his blessings on a regular basis and he has motivated me to want to be a better man. 
  • I love Jason Reece because he loves me more than I love me, and that’s saying something cause I love me some me!  He encourages me and my wife and especially my sons with every interaction.  He’s open and honest and about who he is and where he’s been and that’s why he’s killing it for Christ as we speak! 
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  • Jason always goes above and beyond to make someone’s day better. Even in a difficult situation he sees the positive side! He is always paying it forward to help others! Just a genuine good guy! We could all learn from him!

Jason! Keep being awesome! You are loved! 

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